RedSky will participate in the Cotswolds Way challenge. Join us in reaching our charitable goal.  | RedSky

RedSky will participate in the Cotswolds Way challenge. Join us in reaching our charitable goal. 

Thirty-three intrepid RedSky volunteers will attempt the Cotswold Way Challenge on 25 June. We’d love you to help us raise £20,000 for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN), which supported our late colleague, Cliff, following a serious brain injury.

Cliff was a hugely popular member of the RedSky team. He was also an inspirational fitness fanatic who loved taking on new challenges – these are just some of the many qualities that made him a successful fundraiser.

Expert care

In 2017 Cliff was out training on his bike, in preparation for a charity fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation. He had a catastrophic cardiac arrest that resulted in severe brain damage. He was admitted to the RHN, a national medical charity that supports adults with complex brain injuries and neurological conditions. 

We were all hugely impressed by the dedication, skill and expertise of the RHN team members, who all worked tirelessly to deliver intensive treatment designed to aid Cliff’s rehabilitation and improve his quality of life. Cliff remained at the RHN until he passed away in November 2021. 

Picking up the baton…

We picked up Cliff’s fundraising baton in 2018 and have been supporting the RHN, one of the oldest independent charity hospitals in the UK, ever since. The hospital’s charitable income enables it to provide additional services and therapies including a bespoke wheelchair service, assistive technologies and devices that allow patients to communicate. 

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic made a massive dent in the charity’s finances. That’s why this year we’re going all out to raise £20,000, to help make sure that the RHN can keep making such a difference to the lives of the patients entrusted to its care and their families.

Cotswold Way Challenge

On 25 June, our 33-strong team will embark on the Cotswold Way Challenge in memory of Cliff, to support the RHN. 

It’s a 33-mile hike through the Cotswolds, starting off at Cirencester and crossing the finish line at Wootton-under-Edge. Now don’t be under any illusions. This is not a gentle stroll through lush green grass… there are hills in abundance along the way, including some pretty steep ascents, waiting to be conquered!

We invite you to support our team as we aim to raise £20,000 for this unique and amazing charity hospital and research centre. You’ll find loads more details about Cliff, the Cotswold Way Challenge and how you can make a donation at Just Giving website.

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