“RedSky’s at-a-glance dashboards will be such a bonus” | RedSky

“RedSky’s at-a-glance dashboards will be such a bonus”

Site managers at Swift Crafted Ltd can’t wait to start using RedSky’s award-winning construction software because they’ll have real-time project information at their fingertips.

Migrating from RedSky legacy product AXiM to the latest system has been on the cards for some time at Swift Crafted Ltd.

The business has grown considerably in recent years, which has significantly increased the volume of transactions and information requests needing to be processed by the Accounts team. RedSky’s latest system will take the weight off the team’s shoulders, while also making life easier for site managers.

Self-service approach

Accounts Manager Daisy Morley is delighted about the decision to migrate. She said: “Currently our six sites don’t have access to the POs [purchase orders] on the system, so every couple of weeks I have to scan and download them, divide them up and email a batch to each site. It’s a very time-consuming task.”

Once the company goes live with the latest system, whenever a PO is raised it will automatically be emailed to the supplier and a copy will automatically be attached to the order in the RedSky system. Daisy said: “The site managers will be able to access the data on the system for themselves. They’ll be able to view all relevant purchase orders within a few clicks, so will no longer have to wait for the fortnightly batch to arrive.

“It’s going to free up a lot of my time too – we’ll all benefit from the new ‘self-service’ approach.”

Digitisation and streamlining

On average, Swift Crafted receives around 50 invoices a month in total. Processing them is a big job, according to Daisy: “These days, most invoices tend to come in by email. Currently I print them out and pass them on to an operator who keys in all the details. I then have to collate them for each site manager and email them out. It’s quite an inefficient way of working.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to use RedSky’s Invoice Register because it will digitise and streamline the whole accounts payable process. The site managers will be able to access all costs for their jobs on the system and drill down to the relevant POs and invoices within a few clicks.”

By removing all the overheads associated with handling paper – from printing and postage to filing and long-term storage – Swift Crafted will save time and money. It’s a green solution that will help the planet.

User-friendly dashboards

An aspect of the migration that Daisy is particularly looking forward to is the RedSky Business Analytics module. It will simplify reporting and generate user-friendly dashboards that display key metrics in real time.

“At the moment I get at least 10 calls a week from site managers asking about project costs – anything from subcontractor retentions to supplier spend,” she said. “They usually need a quick response, so I have to stop what I’m doing, check the system and give them the information they need. With so many interruptions, it can often be hard to get my own work done.”

Business Analytics will have a transformational effect on all parties. Daisy said: “RedSky’s at-a-glance dashboards will be such a bonus. The site managers will have all the latest performance and cost information in front of them on the screen, so they won’t need my input.

“It’s going to make meetings a lot easier for them too. There’ll be far less preparation involved because rather than having to print out reports and paperwork to bring along to the meeting, all they’ll need is their tablet device.

“The dashboards will give them all the key metrics for their contracts. And then if they need information to be able to answer questions raised, rather than nipping out to ask me for it, they can drill down to the details on their tablet.”

Real-time reports

Daisy currently spends up to a week gathering all the cost information from the sites, compiling the monthly cost reports and then sending them out to the managers. But with Business Analytics, authorised users will be able to produce real-time reports at the touch of a button.

“I won’t have to send out monthly reports any more,” said Daisy. “And the managers won’t have to wait until month end to see the latest figures. Instead, they will be able to access real-time reports on the system at any time and from anywhere. So if anything doesn’t look quite right, they can flag it up straight away for me to look into.

“The managers can’t wait for the new system – and neither can I!”

About Swift Crafted Ltd

Surrey-based Swift Crafted Ltd has been delivering high-quality carpentry, joinery and fit-out services for more than 30 years. Projects vary from small domestic builds to major undertakings, such as designing, procuring and installing the stunning internal finishes at London’s prestigious Royal Opera House.

Swift Crafted Ltd serves a range of sectors, from government defence and security to hotel and residential, arts and culture, heritage buildings and airport terminals. The team is proud to promote the use of timber as part of a sustainable approach to construction.

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