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RedSky’s Parent Company Acquires ArieHub

JDM Technology Group, a major global software firm of best-in-class software suppliers, has acquired AerieHub, situated in Greenville, South Carolina.

AerieHub creates award-winning property management software that enables secure, quick access to crucial information in order to increase maintenance efficiency and building safety.
Lori Morton, the owner, approved the transaction, which concluded on September 29, 2022.

Aerie has been serving facility owners since 1998 through its patented software, AerieHub, a customizable building information app that allows users to quickly search, view, and share important documents such as facility drawings, equipment information, space management data, compliance status, and more. Its user-friendly cloud-based technology is used by North American clients in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and transportation.

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JDM Technology Group is known for its dedication and focuses on its customers, developing great software solutions for the design, engineering, construction, and operations industries. As a privately held family business, the company prioritises long-term growth. JDM’s strategy is distinctive in that their software is never “end of life,” allowing clients to always choose their preferred solution.