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A RedSky migration with futureproofing in mind

Richard Ward (Oxford) Ltd is preparing to migrate to RedSky’s award-winning Construction ERP software, to help futureproof the business.

After being on legacy product CONSTRUCT for around 20 years, Richard Ward (Oxford) Ltd has decided to migrate to the latest RedSky solution.

Company Secretary Alison Bancroft said: “We’re very happy with CONSTRUCT – it’s brilliant for our contract costing and reporting. But I do understand that things change and why it’s time for us to move on.”

Core Financials

The migration will involve the Core Financials only – a like-for-like data transfer from the old to the new system. This decision was largely motivated by the fact that the staff member who inputs most of the data on RedSky has only been with the company for a short while.

“Starting with just the Core Financials means there won’t be a huge difference from a user point of view, but as a first step it seems sensible for us to become confident in the new system,” said Alison. “Only then will we consider extending the system to include the Invoice Register, which could be very useful in our business.”

Safe testing environment

Alison feels positive about the migration: “What we’ve seen so far looks good and I’m quite enjoying the process of finding out how things work. The system does seem intuitive and I like the fact that there are multi-line screens.

“We met with our accountant this week. I told him that we have a successful test environment in place for the migration. He was impressed to hear that we’d been given one. We’ve been spending a few weeks playing around with it, learning how to use it and checking the balances. I find it very reassuring to have the test environment.”

Futureproofing the business

The company is already hosted by RedSky and this arrangement will continue.

“Being hosted definitely takes the pressure off, especially at this time of year, when updates are required,” said Alison. “You don’t have to worry about any of that when you’re hosted. When the update notification emails come in, I whizz straight down to the line confirming that hosted companies don’t need to take any action because the update will be done automatically. That’s always so nice to read.”

Alison views the migration as an opportunity to prepare for what’s to come: “The futureproofing aspect is important for the business. It’ll be great to have the infrastructure in place to cope with whatever legislation the government decides to bring in next.”

About Richard Ward (Oxford) Ltd

The roots of Richard Ward (Oxford) Ltd date back to 1850. The business specialises in high-quality construction and refurbishment projects, often in historically sensitive environments, and has its own joinery division, Kidlington Joinery. Oxford’s education sector accounts for the lion’s share of the company’s work, including wide-ranging projects for the University of Oxford and its colleges.