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Sandwell Council to migrate to cloud-based ERP

Migrating to RedSky’s award-winning ERP software will give Sandwell’s Urban Design & Building Services team access to cutting-edge cloud-based technologies that will introduce important operational efficiencies.


We have been a trusted partner of Sandwell team since it started using our Progression software more than 20 years ago. Technology has developed in leaps and bounds since then, transforming business operations as well as how we live our lives.

Progression has been a legacy product for many years, so Sandwell team is now preparing to migrate to RedSky’s ERP software for the AEC industry. The migration will enable the Sandwell team to modernise and rationalise its processes and to benefit from a host of new efficiencies that the latest cloud-based technologies will generate.

Authorised staff will have rapid, secure access to all live and historical data on any internet-enabled device, from anywhere and at any time. Sandwell’s team is particularly eager to start using RedSky Business Analytics, which will streamline the reporting process.

Simon Hague, RedSky’s Head of Account Management, said: “We’re absolutely delighted that Sandwell has decided to migrate. We look forward to helping the team get the most out of using our latest ERP solution.”

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