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Site safety audit – do you have all your ducks in a row?

If there was an accident on one of your sites today, could you honestly say that all your health and safety documentation would be up to scratch and immediately available?

Health and safety is a very serious issue. And since the introduction of legislative changes in February 2016, the costs of getting it wrong can be astronomical. Did you know, for example, that a serious health and safety breach could land you with a fine of up to £10 million or up to two years in custody?

We know that a lot of construction companies are concerned about their exposure to health and safety risk. If the alarm bells are now starting to ring, read on, because when it comes to site safety audits, we’ve got it covered.

RedSky’s Summit solution provides a document and content management system that’s fully auditable. It supports the processes and procedures that you’ve put in place to comply with the latest site safety legislation.

Summit is designed for the Construction industry. It automatically stores all your documents securely in one central place, including email communications on jobs, contracts and sites. It allows you to set up tasks and alerting around specific health and safety documents too. And if an accident occurs, a site worker can immediately fill in a site incident form on a tablet offline, ready for uploading as soon as wi-fi signal becomes available.


Health & Safety analytics data
Health & Safety data can be quickly and easily analysed and acted upon


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