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Streamlining the accounts payable process is key for Wingate

Invoice electronic registration is key to help Wingate remove manual processes.

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This will be the 3rd generation RedSky software for Wingate. Having original started with MICAbuild then moving to AXiM over 15 years ago, the business needed to look at better ways of managing the high volumes of invoices from receipt through to payment.

John Munro, Director commented: “The most important factor for us is that the accounts package is robust and does what it says on the tin. Axim has been a very stable platform and has been developed in line with changing legislation, up until now, we decided not to upgrade. However our drivers were being led by how we could make the receipt of invoices into the business through to passing out for approval more efficient. Currently this is a very manual task and carried a significant amount of workload. Initially implementing the invoice register, it will bring significant savings and allow us to deal with a high volume of invoices. We will then look to bring the OCR capture online whereby invoice data is read directly from the invoice, further enhancing our accounts payable processes.”

Wingate are among many business that have decided to make the switch to move their business forward. If you would like more information on RedSky and our product options please click HERE or telephone +44 (0)20 3002 8700.