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Summit Business Analytics: “This module provides a better way of reporting…”

Ede Homes is the latest RedSky customer to add the Business Analytics module to its existing Summit operational and financial system.

Summit’s Business Analytics module empowers users to produce role-based, user-friendly dashboards that provide a live view of key performance data at the touch of a button, without going to all the effort of producing and distributing reports. It’s an incredible way to present meaningful, real-time, relevant data, to help users gain a competitive edge.

redsky it construction software dashboard

Oxfordshire-based Ede Homes has been using Summit since 2015. The company’s Financial Director Steve Ingledew was impressed by the Business Analytics demonstration at RedSky’s User Group CONNECT conference. He immediately recognised how valuable the module would be to his organisation.

Like most contractors, Steve’s team breaks down the overall costs on a job in terms of labour, materials, plant, subcontractors, fees and services. “Business Analytics allows you to see all of this data on a summary screen, which is ideal,” he said.

“But our Building Manager prefers to look at costs in terms of stages of production: substructure, brickwork up to DPC [damp-proof course], superstructure, roof, carpentry, electrics, plumbing and so on. It makes a lot more sense for him to structure cost information in that way. Business Analytics looked like the easiest way for us to give him exactly what he needs – a summary information screen that reflects how he works.

“More widely than that, this module provides a better way of reporting, using real-time information. Rather than producing reports and then having to then put them on spreadsheets, if you can have the end user clicking on a button and getting just the specific information they want, that’s got to be a better solution, hasn’t it?

“For example, we have a lot of companies and the MD likes to know how much money we’ve got in the bank at any one time. He doesn’t want to know how the figures are broken down and he certainly doesn’t want to have to go in and out, looking at all the different accounts, one at a time. With Business Analytics, he’ll simply press a button to see one figure on the screen, representing all the bank accounts added together.

“We’re really looking forward to getting it all up and running.”

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