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Summit POP module is the main attraction for Wensley

wensley construction logoWensley expects to achieve big efficiencies from the Purchase Order Processing (POP) module when it migrates from CONSTRUCT to Summit.




Construction and refurbishment expert Wensley has been with RedSky for many years. It’s now preparing to migrate from CONSTRUCT to Summit, RedSky’s flagship ERP system.

Accountant Nicky Round said: “Basically, we have outgrown our current system. CONSTRUCT is really only designed for companies with a turnover of up to £5 million, but in recent years our turnover has grown to around £7 million. Also, we now have several people who use CONSTRUCT, but the system can only accommodate five users at any one time, which isn’t ideal.”

Nicky recognised that Wensley needed a more integrated system, particularly on the ordering front, along with greater visibility and control: “I currently run the purchase orders in one system and then export the data to CONSTRUCT, so there’s a lot of duplication involved. The Summit POP module will cut down on duplication and streamline the overall process.

“The new system will also make it easier for staff from different departments to see what’s been ordered on a job. Then when we email a purchase order out, a copy will automatically be retained on the system, so we’ll be able to see that it’s definitely been sent.”

Nicky is also looking forward to using the Summit Business Analytics module, which will give her immediate access to relevant key performance indicators: “What I like about the Business Analytics dashboards is that you can tailor them to suit your own job role – I’m an accountant, so mine would be different to the ones created for a buyer or a QS, for example. Business Analytics will give me the flexibility to generate the specific information I need. It’s going to be much faster and easier, too: once everything’s set up, at the touch of a button I’ll be able to get real-time financial information.’’

Nicky has decided to continue being hosted by RedSky rather than operating the system on Wensley’s server. She said: “Hosting gives me peace of mind: we are in a ‘slightly rural’ location that’s susceptible to power cuts, so it’s great to know that my information will never suddenly disappear – it’s always going to be saved by RedSky. And there’s no downtime involved, because all the updates are done automatically, outside office hours.”

Nicky is eager to get started on the implementation. As a CONSTRUCT user, she does have some familiarity with data entry in the new system, despite all the additional functionality, so she expects to be able to pick things up pretty quickly. She said: “We’ve allowed for up to 12 days’ training, including the additional modules, which should be plenty. We’re really looking forward to migrating to Summit.”

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