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Now is the time to change

Migrating to RedSky’s latest construction and accounting management software will enable Tilbury Contracts to streamline its processes, boost efficiency and reduce its current over-reliance on paper documents.

London-based Tilbury Contracts, one of the UK’s leading roofing contractors, has been installing waterproofing and roofing solutions for more than 40 years. It has been using RedSky’s legacy AXiM system for more than 20 years. Financial Manager Lee Amos is keen to take advantage of the new functionality available from RedSky’s latest system.

Digital transformation journey

“We’re really pleased with the current system,” said Lee. “Had it not been for the recent legislative changes, like Making Tax Digital and Domestic Reverse Charge VAT, we would have been happy to carry on as we are. We’ve held out for as long as we could. But now is the time to change.”

The migration will mark the start of Tilbury’s digital transformation journey. It will provide an invaluable opportunity to streamline many processes and take advantage of the very latest technological advances made by RedSky’s in-house developers.

RedSky will migrate all the company’s data across to the latest system, including all the existing Core Financials.

Invoice Register

Lee is particularly excited about the Invoice Register, which RedSky will install during the migration.

He said: “At the moment our invoice processes are very convoluted, time-consuming and paper-based.

“We process around 300 invoices a month and we still keep a paper copy of every invoice, even though nearly all of the invoices raised or received are sent by email. That’s going to be a tough habit to break. I know I’ve been dragging my feet. I’ve just got to adapt to the new way of working.

“Once we’ve all got the hang of the Invoice Register, I know it will make everything easier, cheaper, faster and also greener. If a QS has an invoice query, they’ll be able to look at a pdf invoice on the system, rather than searching for the paper copy in my box files. And I won’t have to waste time printing and filing invoices – after a fortnight’s leave, my first day back in is generally spent just doing that!”

Automated pay certificates

Lee is also looking forward to being able to send out pay certificates by email rather than post. This new, streamlined process will save the business time and money, and recipients will no longer have to wait several days for the envelope to land on their doormat.

But the luxury of time is what Lee is looking forward to most: “A lot of my time is currently taken up with laborious processes. The new RedSky system will free me up to take on other management responsibilities.”

About Tilbury Contracts

Established in 1975, Tilbury Contracts is an innovative and award-winning commercial waterproofing and roofing contractor. It installs a wide range of systems for the construction industry, from green and biodiverse roofing to built-up felt roofing and liquid applied systems.

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