RedSky hosting will provide “fast, easy access to real-time data” | RedSky

RedSky hosting will provide “fast, easy access to real-time data”

Tvedt Group will be migrating to RedSky’s latest cloud-based system, to future-proof the company. Cloud-based hosting, coupled with new functionality, will transform operational efficiency at Tvedt’s many construction sites.

Tvedt has been a RedSky customer since the 1990s. It started out with the MICABuild system, then switched to AXiM in May 2002. Group Financial Director Andrew Bell has decided to migrate from the legacy AXiM product to take advantage of the many technological advances incorporated in RedSky’s latest system.

“We’re very satisfied with RedSky and are looking forward to migrating to the new system,” he said. “It’s more modern, more flexible and should see us through the next 10 years and beyond without any trouble.”

Hosting will produce a range of benefits

Andrew is particularly excited about being hosted by RedSky: “The current system is installed on our servers, which are at two locations. We have numerous operations locations that need to draw down the data from the servers. It’s a difficult and time-consuming task.

“Hosting will give us fast, easy access to real-time data from any location, at any time. Our construction sites will be able to pull down data directly into their operations room – that’s going to be very useful.”

Tvedt will also be implementing RedSky’s Invoice Register with workflow and approvals, which will ease the company’s transition to a paperless environment. Andrew said: “That makes a lot of sense because of the flexibility we’ll get by being freed from the need to handle so much paper.”

As part of its hosting service, RedSky will maintain the system, as well as running and testing updates. That’s a very appealing prospect for Andrew: “It will make our lives easier and allow us to build a closer relationship with our provider.”

About Tvedt

One of the UK’s foremost experts in architectural finishes, the Tvedt Group comprises three companies: Sherwood, Hatmet and Gillespie. It has a strong track record for completing projects at landmark buildings such as Buckingham Palace, the British Library, Harrods, the Wales Millennium Centre and Dublin Airport.

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