RedSky Launches Zendesk | RedSky

Zendesk has arrived!

We’re delighted to confirm that we have launched Zendesk, an internationally renowned, best-practice system for tracking, prioritising and solving customer support tickets.

zendesk logoZendesk is used in more than 160 countries to help some of the world’s largest organisations provide efficient support to their customers.

According to Customer Services Director Monique Campbell, the range of benefits that the new system brings is fantastic: “Our new Support platform prioritises customer requests based on their severity, to make sure we’re responding to the right support requests at the right time.”

Straightforward process

Henry Arthur, Information System Manager at Barhale, is impressed: “Rather than phoning, I tend to log my calls straight onto Zendesk through the Web Client. It’s a very easy process: you log into the Web Client (you can only do this if you’re a nominated user); select ‘Activities’ and then click on the ‘Submit a request’ button.

“Then there’s a very easy form to complete. You simply fill in the subject and the body of your text. Although the call is logged to you, you can ask for emails to be copied to other people. You can also attach files. It’s quite straightforward.

“Zendesk seems very good, and reviewing progress of logged calls is simple. There is still some work to do, but the early signs are very promising and it’s a lot better than the previous system.”

Faster resolution of customer issues

Every request completed via the portal will be assigned automatically to the team member with the most appropriate skill set. Monique said: “Of course, you can still contact us by directly emailing your request but using the portal ensures that we have the information we need to address and resolve your issue – we can also signpost you to articles that may provide you with the information you need.

“It’s already proving to be a big time-saver for us on the administrative front and is enabling us to resolve customer issues far more quickly. It’s also an effective conduit for customer feedback and will assist our root-cause analysis of why customers need help – this will help us to keep improving our products and services. It will allow us to be more proactive and prevent potential issues from arising.”

RedSky customers track, prioritise and action their Support requests through the portal. They can also access the Guide portal for self-help information contained within an ever-growing knowledge base.

A customised solution

We have been working closely with Appamondo, a Zendesk Premier Partner, to customise the system so that it meets our needs. The Appamondo team has helped design, build, deploy and on-board the RedSky helpdesk and is providing ongoing support and continuous improvement.