RedSky has developed Business Analytics to provide end users with clear management information in a browser environment.

When your managers need specific information, they no longer have to waste time trawling through endless reports. What they want is pertinent information, delivered quickly and easily in a clear, recognisable format.

And that’s exactly what the Business Analytics module delivers: it allows end users to interrogate the Summit database directly via their web browser and to develop their own unique views of real-time information relevant to their job role.

These user-friendly, role-based dashboards are easy to develop. They provide sleek, real-time visibility to your teams – an ‘at a glance’ overview of the key information that will help them to manage project performance, effectively and efficiently.

Example: Project Manager dashboard

Today’s managers expect to be able to access information at the touch of a button. The Business Analytics user interface meets this need in full: it’s fast, direct and intuitive. What’s more, it offers impressive new ways to help users understand, analyse and visualise the data – filtering, formatting, grouping, drilling and charting are all features of the system.

redsky it construction software dashboard

Standard features

Our Business Analytics module comes with a range of standard features that allow you to present key business information and functions in the format that you need. Here are some examples of what’s available:

  • Launchpad for role-based deployment
  • Graphical visualisations – tiles, pie charts and bar charts
  • Dynamic drills – you can ‘drill down’ through the charts, to get to the individual transactions that make up a cell value
  • Field chooser
  • Multi data sort and filtering
  • Template views
  • Standard app data library
  • Custom field linking
  • Custom-build other database apps (you would need a Developer Licence)
  • Dynamic panel linking
  • Intelligent data table links (the ability to link with other Summit data tables)
  • User-definable homepage

To make life easier for our clients, we have organised common enquiries into four standard app ‘bundles’, which we hold in our central system library. These bundles, detailed below, are designed to meet the typical information needs of the various divisions within a construction organisation.

1. Contract team app bundle

This bundle is ideal for end users working in the Commercial Division, such as Commercial Managers, Contract Managers and Quantity Surveyors.

It’s designed to help you monitor contract performance from four different perspectives:

Budget vs actual

  • One line for each job, with roll-up of values and quantities of budget, actual, commitment, ordered, provision and paid
  • Year to date (YTD) and current period
  • Drill through cost structure, using our Cost Analysis app
  • Drill through directly to cost, commitment, provisions and paid transactions

Cost analysis

  • Drill through cost structure, using our Cost Analysis app
  • Views filtered by cost head to provide labour, material, subcontractor and plant analysis


  • Net cash position by date
  • Cashflow forecast by date
  • Total/aged outstanding debt by contract/client
  • Contract performance – order summary
  • Orders by supplier for this contract
  • Drill to order headers and lines


  • Analysis tags (region, sector, work type, contracts manager and surveyor)
  • Total costs, applied for, valued, invoiced and profit by period

2. Finance team app bundle

This bundle is perfect for Financial Controllers, Financial Directors and anyone involved in the day-to-day running of the Finance function.

It can be used to access the following information:

  • Sales balances
  • Sales ledger aged balances and turnover ranked, drill to transactions
  • Subcontractor orders
  • Subcontractor ledger order summary, drill to transactions
  • General ledger summary
  • Nominal balances by period, drill to transactions

3. Procurement and Plant team app bundle

We’ve developed this bundle to suit the construction procurement process. As you’d expect, it will give your Procurement team live access to information about goods ordered, delivered and invoiced. It will also enable your Plant team to keep track of which items of plant are being used and where – importantly, it will flag up forthcoming hired plant return dates and any overdue items.

Here’s what’s in this bundle:

  • Order lines
  • Deliveries
  • Goods invoiced
  • Product buying analysis
  • Uncommitted costs
  • Plant tracking
  • Location enquiry
  • Outstanding plant

4. Service Management app bundle

This bundle provides an instant, live view of your key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreement (SLA) performance data, using a traffic-light system to highlight any areas of concern. It also indicates where your operatives are currently located, enabling you to allocate new maintenance tasks more efficiently.

Our Service Management app bundle includes:

  • Service call status and analysis
  • Billing information
  • KPIs
  • SLAs
  • Employee location
  • Mobile device tracking
  • Service call mapping
  • Location details

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