Document Management

Create, store and search across all your content and associate it with Projects, Employees, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Assets .. 

Document Store

Document Management and Version Control is key to keeping track of your what is important not only for Projects but all other departments. The Document Repository allows you to manage all of the documents associated with a Project as well as general Corporate documents, holding them in one place, in their native format, accessing them via your web browser and sharing them securely with your team members, internally with your employees or externally with third parties.


Never again need you worry about which version is in use, with all users working from the same central source for drawings, notes, contracts, calculations and any other projects related files. Documents can be revised and new draft revisions created which will only be seen by authors until they are published. A full version history and audit trail is maintained.



The search will search all content of documents including the content of attachments to emails. If the attachment is a scan of a printed document then the system automatically OCRs the scan to obtain text that can be searched.


Standard features

The Document Management module provides

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