Digital Form & Document Management for the Construction Industry

RedSky’s digital Form module allows construction businesses to capture information digitally in the field – offline. Simply input your data and let the Form module do the rest. The next time RedSky (Summit) connects to the internet, data is synced to the database. Create custom digital forms to meet the unique needs of your construction business and make the switch from paper to digital with RedSky’s construction management software solutions.

Shown below are some examples of RedSky (Summit) Forms that have been developed by RedSky customers.

Customizable Construction Management Forms

Using the RedSky (Summit) Forms designer, you can digitise pre-existing forms by scanning a master document into the system and then adding fields of information to it. This approach saves a huge amount of time and eliminates the need for your team to create new designs for the digital form. Since the new digital form has the same layout as your paper-based version and users are familiar with it, more of your team will be ready to adopt the new method.

The form is very versatile and offers a range of field types, including text, numbers, date (with the assistance of Date Picker), tick box, and signature. On an employee data form, for example, typical fields would include ‘Name’, ‘Address’, ‘Nationality’, ‘Home telephone number’ and ‘Emergency contact details’.

The image below shows an Incident Report Form being designed.

redsky construction incident software dashboard


The beauty of Summit Forms is that it means you only do the job once – and there’s no physical paperwork and no need to rekey.

redsky construction HR software dashboard

The data from each field is automatically inserted onto a RedSky (Summit) Business Analytics grid. Once the form has been completed, all the fields will become columns of data, stored securely on the system, ready for you to manipulate. You can format the information however you like. Many users display the data as a chart or graph.

The forms can be completed online (in this case, the data is instantly available across the system) or offline on mobile devices (when offline, the  data will be uploaded to the system as soon as connectivity is restored).

RedSky customers love that digital forms remove the need for physical paperwork (and the costly storage of physical documents). It’s all electronic and the data can be retrieved easily for your company’s usage. You can run enquiries on information, as shown in the screenshot below, and you can even set up your forms to go through an authorising workflow, which ensures the information has been verified.

You can run enquiries on the information – the screenshot below highlights missing dates for the issue of PPE.

redsky it construction software dashboard

You can also set up your forms so that they are subject to an authorising workflow.

Key benefits of RedSky’s Digital Forms:

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