The Forms module provides you with a great way to digitise paper-based forms.

As you can see from examples shown below, you can create whichever Summit forms you need to meet the unique needs of your business. Summit forms allows data to be captured in the field – offline. Once the data has been capture at source, Summit is updated when the operative next conects to the internet.

Shown below are some examples of Summit Forms that have been developed by RedSky customers.

Using the Summit Forms designer, you can digitise pre-existing forms, by scanning a master document into the system and then adding fields of information to it. Introducing this approach can save a huge amount of time: there’s no need for design time because you’re effectively using the existing form and digitising it. What’s more, because the digitised form has the same layout as the paper-based version, users are already very familiar with it, which results in increased end-user adoption.

A range of field types is available, including text, numbers, date (with the assistance of Date Picker), tick box and signature. On an employee data form, for example, typical fields would include ‘Name’, ‘Address’, ‘Nationality’, ‘Home telephone number’ and ‘Emergency contact details’.

The image below shows an Incident Report Form being designed.

redsky construction incident software dashboard

The beauty of Summit Forms is that it means you do the job once only – there’s no physical paperwork and no need to rekey.

redsky construction HR software dashboard

The data from each field is automatically inserted onto a Summit Business Analytics grid. Once the form has been completed, all the fields will have become columns of data, stored securely on the system, ready for you to manipulate. You can format the information however you like – as a chart or a graph, for example.

The forms can be completed online (in which case the data is instantly available across the system) or offline on mobile devices (ready for the data to be uploaded to the system as soon as connectivity is restored).

There’s no physical paperwork (or costly storage of physical documents) involved. It’s all electronic and the data can be retrieved easily.

You can run enquiries on the information – the sceenshot below highlights missing dates for the issue of PPE.

redsky it construction software dashboard

You can also set up your forms so that they are subject to an authorising workflow.

Key benefits

  • Familiarity – because you have uploaded your existing document as the basis for your form, users will recognise the layout and there’s no need to change the way you work
  • Single central source – the template for each form is available online to anyone with the necessary permission, so you can always be confident that users are working on the latest version of the document
  • Easy to complete – the form validates each user entry by field type, which reduces the risk of error
  • Clarity – the information entered on the form is legible
  • Online or offline use – the forms can be completed online or offline on a mobile device, ready for uploading when connectivity is available
  • Secure – the information is saved directly to the Summit database
  • Accessible – the data can be accessed in Summit at any time
  • Management information – using Business Analytics, you can traffic-light, filter and format the data to meet your needs. You can also incorporate Forms enquiries as part of your dashboards

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