GRN Register – Organised, Efficient and Speedy

Goods received notes (GRNs) play a crucial role in the construction accounts payable process, yet they are frequently mislaid, illegible or ignored. Digitising them with our GRN Register is the way forward – our award-winning construction management software will put you back in control.

What are GRNs?

A GRN confirms the receipt of goods from a supplier. Without checking it against the purchase order (PO) and the supplier invoice, you run the risk of paying for goods that were not received, incorrect or not up to scratch.

Yet some companies do nothing with their GRNs, perhaps because the matching process seems like more effort than it’s worth. This is a risky approach, as outlined in GRNs – it’s time to take back control.

Fully integrated within the RedSky’s construction project management software, our GRN Register eliminates the need for your team to handle and store GRN documentation, thereby maximising the efficiency of the accounts payable process for your construction business. Importantly, it also takes both visibility and traceability to new heights.

How does the GRN Register work?

Finance teams can no longer afford to hang around for days, waiting for GRN documents to arrive in the post or for lost GRNs to be investigated. They need real-time information about what’s been delivered, where and when.

Digital is the way forward. Our GRN Register is incredibly easy to use. Simply take a photograph of the GRN document and email it to a dedicated email address (suppliers can also email GRNs direct to the same email address). The image is then automatically pulled into the system, ready for matching.

Our clients have told us that during the pandemic, many suppliers emailed GRNs to customers rather than requiring their delivery drivers to obtain signed copies of physical paperwork. To make life easier all round, our system enables suppliers to send these electronic documents direct to your dedicated GRN email address.

Take a look at RedSky’s GRN register in action:  grn register for construction


Mobile GRN App

We also have a mobile GRN App that’s fully integrated within RedSky’s construction project management software. It’s quick and easy to use and it’s ideal for recording GRNs, as well as photos of the goods themselves on site, to further streamline the process. It also gives anyone with internet access (and the correct permission level) the ability to locate all GRNs for any given project or supplier instantly.

Both these digital options make the three-way matching process easier because the GRN, purchase order and supplier invoice are all located in one place within the RedSky system. They also speed up payment processing times significantly.

grn app redsky

Benefits of the GRN Register


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