Invoicing Software for the Construction Industry

✓ Streamline your construction invoice process
✓ Reduce your business overheads significantly and
✓ Free up your Finance team to focus on more value-building endeavours

RedSky’s Invoice Register is fully integrated and eliminates the need for your team to print and handle invoice documentation, thereby maximising the efficiency of the accounts payable process for your construction business. It also provides greatly improved traceability.

How does the Invoice Register work?

To get started, you’ll need to ask your suppliers to email their invoices to a dedicated email address that’s only used for invoices. As soon as an invoice arrives in the email inbox, the Invoice Register will automatically record it securely on the RedSky system. There’s no need to print off a paper copy; you can view the original invoice on screen at any time, simply by clicking on the paper clip symbol.

If some of your suppliers prefer to continue sending their invoices to you by post, that’s absolutely fine – you can simply scan the paper copy onto the system. Many scanners support the automatic emailing of scanned items to a specified email address. Once received, the invoice can be processed by entering data alongside the invoice image.

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Integrated invoice software

By using the Invoice Register with RedSky’s Business Analytics dashboard framework, you will be able to configure role-based dashboards that present key information in a clear and meaningful way to different user types. For example, you could set up a dashboard so that it displays high-level information only, such as the number of new invoices received, awaiting approval, approved and posted onto the system.

RedSky’s in-built flexibility also allows you to add information captured on the Invoice Register to any of your existing Business Analytics dashboards.

Once the invoice is entered into the system, you can take these actions: 

  • Email – electronically send  a copy of the invoice to the approver (or anyone else, such as the buyer)
  • Invalid – flag anything that’s not a valid invoice (for example, it may not be an invoice, or it may be a duplicate, or it may have been linked to the wrong supplier)
  • Submit – add the invoice to the RedSky system to be processed
  • Place on query – pass it on to the approver with accompanying questions through the electronic workflow.

The Invoice Register takes the hassle out of invoice processing. Images are securely stored in an electronic format and can be accessed at any time on the system. There’s no physical paperwork involved, so you won’t have to worry about storing and securing paper documents, either. 

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