Construction Industry Payroll & HR Software

RedSky ERP provides construction costing payroll software for the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Make construction payroll easy with RedSky ERP Payroll and HR feature. The module can handle weekly and monthly employee payments by pricing their time to contracts and calculating their take-home pay.

Construction payroll software is designed to handle costed and non-costed employees with weekly, two weekly, four weekly and monthly payroll options. Timesheets can be entered by an employee or by site, with an option for daily timesheet entry. This flexibility is combined with security, and all payroll options are subject to password authority.

In addition to regular payroll needs, RedSky ERP system supports irregular and one-time payments, such as holiday credits, fares, travel, etc., with numerous user-definable payment and deduction headings. The process for calculating and recording SSP payments is standard, and you can quickly and easily update construction jobs and pay using a single input.

As well as Payroll, the system can handle typical HR processes by storing extended personal data, documents, and forms and managing approvals in a secure and centralised manner.

Features of RedSky Payroll


Managing Timesheets & Expenses

Every construction company has a unique method for entering timesheets and tracking expenses. To give your construction projects the flexibility they require, we offer two RedSky ERP software modules for managing timesheets and expenses. The one(s) you choose will depend on how your business plans to enter time and expense information on the system. With either option, users can enter their timesheets and/or expenses and mileage claims individually with electronic authorisation.

Both options are configurable to meet your construction business’ unique requirements and allow you to log time and approve from anywhere in the office or on-site.

Payroll & HR Software Options for Construction Businesses:

1. Timesheets and Expenses module

Every member of staff keys in their own electronic timesheet and expense information.

2. Managed Timesheets module

A manager, supervisor or foreman completes a single timesheet on behalf of the whole team. There is an Individual Timesheet Entry mode for Managed Timesheets where you can have a mixture of individuals and supervisors recording time.

Features of Timesheets and Expenses Module

This module enables staff to key in their own timesheet and expenses information. Deploying the application is simple and all users can access the module through their web browser from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Timesheets and Expenses module features:

Individual timesheet entry

  • Every line is clearly labelled, allowing users to see their current timesheet and expenses information and track it through the system
  • Using a traffic-light system, users can find out where his or her expense claim is within the authorisation chain or  see that they have not yet submitted their expenses claim
  • Authorised users can define the timesheet’s entry grid so that time can be entered by day or week
  • Whenever a new timesheet is created, it will default to the next week-ending date
  • Save time and reduce the risk of keying errors by copying forward the previous week’s timesheet details. This is a very useful function if employees are working on the same jobs, week in, week out
  • Easily find contract numbers by entering the job name into the “contract look-up” function
  • Monitor non-productive costs by requiring users to break down their non-productive time into various cost centres, such as holidays, sickness and training
  • Increase employee buy-in to the new system by customising Summit’s timesheet layout and filtering to mirror your existing timesheet
  • Users can only post to valid contracts or cost heads. If the contract is closed, users will not be able to post time to it
  • Users can enter their hours as a total for the week or by the day of the week
  • Create job-specific timesheets using custom order and naming. For example, if one department uses the term ‘contract’ instead of ‘job’, you can customise each department’s timesheet to match
  • Maintain timesheets even while offline. Employees with no access to the internet can maintain their timesheets on an Excel spreadsheet. When they get online, they can import that data from the spreadsheet directly into the software with one click. This facility is very easy to use and incorporates in-line validation, so it will flag errors such as incorrect job numbers and impossible working hours
  • Users can submit their timesheets electronically. After submission, the timesheet will go through the workflow authorisation path that you have defined

Individual expenses entry

  • The expenses function takes all the hassle out of submitting expenses, while maintaining your organisation’s existing expense processes
  •  Easily import expenses information from an Excel spreadsheet
  •  Stop relying on and storing paper receipts. With the expenses function, users simply scan or take a photograph of their receipt and then add it to each expense line. Not only does this system provide more detail about what’s being claimed, but the electronic copies are securely retained and easily accessible within the system for future use
  •  Create user-defined authorisation workflows to meet your business’s needs. For example, you could set up the system so that any expenses claims above £1,000 must be approved by a director, or require that all expenses claims must go via the claimant’s line manager, but can only be approved by the Accounts team

Individual mileage entry

  • Users can add lines to provide a breakdown against user-defined mileage types, including  time spent travelling to and from jobs and non-productive mileage (for example, for travel to and from a training course)
  • Customise user profiles to track whether they have a car allowance or a company car. The system ensures that the correct rate per mile, by vehicle and user, is applied at all times, and can provide an optional alert to notify users that they’ve hit their 10,000-mile tax limit
  • Users can enter milometer readings (this is the norm for users who have a fuel card) or a mileage total for each trip

Timesheet and expenses authorisation

  • Customise system workflows to determine where an employee’s timesheet or expenses claim should go after it’s been submitted
  • Define workflows to dictate who should approve at each stage. Each user can have multiple managers to approve various types of projects (for example, the system can be set up so that if the project name is in the header, the claim is automatically sent to the project manager for approval)
  • The approver can opt to receive email notifications
  • Within the system, the approver can drill through the details of the claim, clicking through to review, amend any incorrect details and then approve the claim
  • Review claims without logging into RedSky ERP by sending expense claims and timesheets to the approver via email in a pdf format. The approver simply replies with ‘APPROVE’ or ‘REJECT’ on the email, which allows the system to process the response and move the claim through the rest of the workflow. Where multiple approvers are involved, you can set up the system to notify the ‘Next Approver’ and the originator, once the timesheet or expense claim has gone through the first level of approval
  • You can allocate distinct rules to timesheets and routes to expenses claims (for example, you can set up the system so that an expense claim valued at over £1,000 will go straight to a director for approval, bypassing the supervisor).

Features of Managed Timesheets module

Very often, it’s easier for a Manager, Supervisor or Foreman to enter timesheets on behalf of their team as a whole, rather than requiring each employee to complete an individual timesheet. To do this, you’ll need our Managed Timesheets module. The module can be accessed through a user’s web browser from their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

The module does allow the user to key in their own data if they wish. Then, the user’s supervisor will review the timesheet and either approve it or move it to a Payroll level to check that all details are correct (for example, to make sure that the right overtime rate has been applied).

The timesheet entry screen can be completely customised to meet your construction organisation’s requirements. By designing your own column headings and ordering them to meet your staff’s needs, you’ll increase buy-in and make the system easier to use.



Managed Timesheets module features:

Single or multiple entry

As illustrated in the graphic below (Figure 6), time can be entered by an employee (as shown in the top screenshot) or by construction project on behalf of multiple employees (the bottom screenshot). If the same people are working on the project, week in, week out, the supervisor can save time by clicking ‘copy from the previous period’.

Figure 6 – Single and multiple timesheets entries are possible

Payment deduction codes made simple

Payment deduction (PD) codes can be set up in RedSky ERP financial system for each employee. The Managed Timesheet module is linked to Summit Payroll PD codes, so there’s no need to keep rekeying the information. The appropriate payroll fields are populated automatically, ensuring the correct details are fed to the Payroll system. You define the fields you want the user to complete (see Figure 7).

Figure 7 – You define the PD fields

Sort shift patterns

An optional layer of detail available is the ability to incorporate shift patterns. Once the user enters the start and finish times, the system can be customised to calculate the correct amount of overtime to be paid (see Figure 8 below). This feature saves time and is simple to set up and use.

Figure 8 – Shift patterns can be incorporated with ease

Layouts tailored to users or skillsets

You can create a timesheet layout to suit different users or skillsets in your company (see Figure 9 below). For example, the default view for engineers (who might be paid overtime) will be very different from the default view for accountants (who may not be paid overtime).

Figure 9 – Multiple views are available, to allow for different skills and disciplines within your organisation

Mobile app for the Managed Timesheets Module

A convenient mobile app can be used in conjunction with the Managed Timesheets module. The app enables a manager, supervisor or foreman to enter timesheet information ‘on the move’ from their mobile devices. The software includes cross-browser support, so entry on all manner of devices is supported. Using their smartphone, a user simply keys in the timesheet information on behalf of their team and submits it for approval. By using the mobile payroll app, your team can save time by entering the information only once. And, once the timesheet has been approved, the data automatically flows through to the core financials.

Saving time using ePayslip and eP60s

If you’re still printing out payslips and mailing them to your employees via Royal Mail, you’re missing a trick.

By automating this laborious task and emailing out payslips instead, you could save a significant amount in stationery and postage costs, while also freeing up your employees to focus on business improvement activities.

RedSky ERP ePayslips and eP60s module allow you to streamline your payroll administration by letting you email encrypted payslips and P60s to your workforce at the click of a button.

Once the email has arrived in the employee’s inbox, the process is simple:

  • The employee opens the email and clicks on the attached PDF file
  • Employee types in the password
  • Employee accesses payslip

Features of ePayslip and eP60’s


The Summit system is secure, easy to use, and I have the confidence that the system is all ways accessible either in the office or at home, which gives me the option to work from either location when the need arises. Managing system updates, legislative changes, and daily backups is a chore we no longer have to worry about as RedSky IT maintain the solution at their hosting centre, this is a great benefit. I also find the support I receive from the RedSky support team to be excellent and would recommend this system and service to anyone.
Jenny Smith
J.E.T. Construction, Milton Keynes

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