Construction Procurement Software

Purchase Order Processing & Procurement Software for Construction Companies

Purchase Order Processing & Procurement Software for the Construction Industry helps your business manage the orders you place with your suppliers. The software tracks the orders you place, produces matching goods received notes (GRN’s), and stores the supplier’s invoice. The system makes it easy to view and manage orders by displaying each order’s  status.  

Your team can quickly view if an order is outstanding, received, not invoiced and invoiced. Your team will also be able to sort enquiries by criteria including Order, Contract, Supplier, Buyer, and Date. These order lines can also display the order value/quantity and the received quantity. 

For your convenience, the system allows purchase orders to be sent to other addresses that are not listed on the Purchase Ledger record, and contract addresses may be used to provide detailed delivery information.


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Stock Control for Construction Management

The stock control recording software allows your company to take control of your stock. You can issue stock direct to contract manually or through the invoicing module. Stock Control is integrated with Purchase Order Processing, which allows you to order direct to stock with multiple locations. Other features include slow and non-moving stock reports, stock valuation, and bulk price updates. Stock Control can also be integrated with Sales Invoicing, Contract Ledger, Nominal Ledger and Spreadsheets.


Full reporting facilities:

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