Purchase Order Processing

The Purchase Order Processing system is concerned with the production and management of orders placed with suppliers of materials and plant and the subsequent matching with goods received notes (GRN’s) and eventually the supplier’s invoice. Purchase Orders may be sent to addresses other than that held on the Purchase Ledger record. Contract addresses may be used to provide detailed delivery information.

The enquiry shows the status of each order with value outstanding, received, not invoiced and invoiced.

All order lines can be viewed showing the order value/quantity and received quantity. The enquiry can be accessed by a number of criteria including Order, Contract, Supplier, Buyer and Date.


  • Bulk orders/call off orders
  • Orders for either stock, contracts or for overhead items. Option for sub-contractor ordering
  • Multi levels of discount by value or quantity
  • Optional GRN registration
  • Matching facilities for invoices received either against individual GRN’s or against total delivered or just against total ordered
  • Committed costs are updated to job record giving cumulative committed costs
  • Total for goods delivered not invoiced
  • Invoice posting reduces reserves and generates actual cost, also comparing to original order value.
  • Analysis against cost heads, plot or operations
  • Multi line free format text entry / text library
  • Auto generation of orders from estimating
  • Ability to place orders electronically using our Xchange hub

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Stock Control

The stock recording system allows issues direct to contract, through the invoicing module or manual issue. Integration with Purchase Order Processing allows ordering direct to stock with multiple locations. Other features include slow and non-moving stock reports, stock valuation, bulk price update etc. Integrates with Purchase Order Processing, Sales Invoicing, Contract Ledger, Nominal Ledger and Spreadsheets.


  • Goods can be entered using the Goods Received Program from Purchase Order Processing.
  • The purchase invoicing program updates the Goods file with the latest prices.
  • Stock movements and adjustments can be entered via programs within the stock system.
  • Stock requisitions automatically update the Contract Ledger by generating a cost transaction against a given contract.
  • Cost heads can be entered against each stock line, allowing the precise analysis of costs to contracts/nominal accounts.
  • The Stock system handles multiple stock locations.
  • Unlimited stock lines can be maintained against each location.
  • The product file holds pricing and other useful references such as the manufacturer code, the latest supplier etc.
  • Full tracking of deliveries and issues

Full reporting facilities:

  • Transaction logs / Stock Movements
  • Full Valuation report by location
  • Link to the Luckins database
  • Common product file with Summit Estimating and Purchasing
  • Resevation of stock against a contract
  • Full stock check snapshot and count facility

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