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The Project Information Management module allows you to manage, control, and monitor all documents associated with your Projects.

RedSky’s Project Information Management software for the construction industry allows you to create your own set of project folders, which contain all project documentation. The main listing pane shows you the list of available documents (all are the latest version) and can be sorted, formatted and filtered as needed.

The documents are all stored within the Document Store in their original format, such as email, Word, Excel, pdf, MS Office or Drawings. You can access them via your web browser and share them securely with internal  and external project team members. 

The Project Information Management features allow you to:

  • Upload documents with a single click on the ‘Add’ button
  • ‘Drag and drop’ documents into the Document Store or search for a document using the ‘Add’ function. Any duplications or revisions are flagged for you to address
  • Add as many tags to the document as you need to ensure they are displayed in the right folder. Tagged information can be displayed in several folders from a single source. You can also use tags to search and retrieve documents quickly
  • Create and store document templates. Then set them so that the system automatically populates certain information fields
  • View and edit documents in their native application, since all file formats are supported.Each document is held within Summit in its original format and with relevant tags for display, ownership and searching purposes

  • ‘Check out’ documents for editing. This feature allows other users to view checked out documents, but prevents them from editing until the document is checked back in. To make sure new content is authorised before publishing, you can create a system workflow.
  • View documents’ latest versions with version control. This feature ensures that all users are working from the same central source for drawings, notes, contracts, calculations and any other project-related files. The full revision history is stored securely, so you can see who has read what and when
  • Email documents quickly and easily from the Document Store. You can also email multiple documents as a single package
  • Perform flexible and complex searches using the search facility.. You can search for a particular word or phrase within a folder or within the system as a whole. For example, if you type in ‘knotweed,’ you will be presented with ‘snippets’ from documents where the word appears. You can also increase the complexity of your search by using ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ string searches, wildcard searches and tag values

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