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Subcontractor Ledger

With the Subcontractor’s Ledger, you can maintain and report on all subcontractor information in one convenient location. Transitioning to the system is easy, since you can Input information from invoices, applications and certificates. The system allows you to store the details and expiry dates of subcontractor registration documents, with additional free format information.

Using RedSky’s Subcontractor Ledger, your construction organisation can:

  • Reduce errors: If a subcontractor does not hold a valid registration document on it, the system prevents any further processing.
  • View relevant information: The subcontractor ledger shows insurance expiry dates, type of sub contractor.
  • Streamline end-of-month documentation: They system produces all the electronic end of month CIS XML returns to HMRC
  • Determine provisional costs: By entering internal valuations or subcontractor applications, a provisional cost can be recorded prior to entering a payment certificate.
  • Create customizable reports: All of this information is readily available for on-screen enquiries, and your team can print customized reports with user definable selection criteria.

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