Powerful Document Management Software for construction projects

Save Time | Reduce Project Risk | Streamline Collaboration

By storing project emails, documents, drawings, and other files in a single secure location, you can streamline collaboration, save time, and reduce project risk.

RedSky’s Project Connect provides a single source of “information truth” to ensure that all project stakeholders and team members have access to real-time data.

Project Connect is more than just document management software; it enables you to increase your profit margins and complete construction projects on time, within scope, and within budget.

Why choose Project Connect over other Document Management systems

We have refined decades of experience in providing Construction Software into designing a platform that is affordable and easy to use document management and collaboration for your projects.
We have nailed the #1 most important feature you’ll need from a document management system or project collaboration platform – Simplified Form Designer.

Software Features

Speed & simplicity

The latest versions of all documents and drawings can be accessed securely by the right people in real-time. An audit trail ensures proof of access and that no-one has been left out. Use Project Connect on any device with a simple user interface. It's like working the way you're used to - only 100 times better.

Digitise from plan to punch list

All critical project-related processes will be automated. Project Connect's Forms will capture all the information you need and secure timely approvals. Enforce compliance across the supply chain and all project stakeholders. Seamlessly connect site-based teams to the office. Plan. Build. Inspect.

Effective risk management

Get a better handle on Variation Orders and Change Requests. Powerful yet easy to set up Workflows do all the heavy lifting to ensure compliance to project protocols and best practice. People can come and go on projects, but all the information is retained by Project Connect, so project delivery doesn't suffer.

Control costs

When the right information is available in real-time, at your fingertips, you can slash printing and admin costs. You also reduce duplicated, error-prone manual effort that can result in costly rework that erodes thin margins. Information 'truth' also helps curb time and money spent on disputes and litigation.

Smarter decisions

When you can see the early warning signs, you can take decisive action. RedSky Project Connect delivers intuitive reports that can be customised based on your role. Gain complete visibility of project progress and track the performance of subcontractors against deliverables.

A single platform

RedSky has been supporting construction businesses for 43 years. Our software connects the site to the office and also the back-office. Manage project information, project costs and enterprise resources with RedSky. Our desktop and mobile solutions evolve to suit your needs. We listen and we deliver.

How can Project Connect simplify your project collaboration in Construction?

  • Unlimited collaboration across the entire supply chain
  • Unlimited projects
  • One platform that is powerful and intuitive
  • Available on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Unlike other document management software providers, we won’t charge you based on your project value, total CAPEX or company turnover

Limited Time Offer - Save 75% from year 2!

Secure your competitive advantage

Collaboration in Construction Projects has never been Easier

Increased staff productivity, improved cost control and better risk management drives improved margins. Request a demo today to find out how can Project Connect help mitigate project risk and why you should choose it as your document management software for your upcoming project.

Companies that trust us

RedSky’s solutions are used by over 1000 companies across the UK.
With over 40+ years of experience, we support over 12,000 customers worldwide and continuously growing by listening to their needs.

Manage your projects with Project Connect - Talk to one of our specialists today!

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