RedSky develops, sells, implements, and supports its own software. We help you choose the solution that is right for you, including the software functionality and technology.

We provide solutions you can host in your own private cloud, using our own multi-tenant cloud infrastructure or provided by RedSky using Microsoft Azure.

How does RedSky help select the software solution that’s right for your construction business?

As part of the sales process, a member of the team will contact you to discuss and access your needs. Then, RedSky will perform the following steps:

1.  Assign you a point person to manage your journey, which includes providing on site consultation to qualify your needs and assisting in documenting your requirements.

2.  Our product consultants will deliver a full demonstration of the software to your team, focusing on the areas we believe will deliver the most efficiencies across your organisation.

3.  We will liaise with your commercial/finance team to assist in preparing a budget based on the identified modules and the associated number of end-users.

4.  The last stage in the process is to deliver a fully costed proposal and a detailed project plan detailing the agreed phased approach for implementing your new ERP solution.

How will RedSky help implement your chosen solution?

In addition to providing rich functionality within RedSky ERP, we provide an innovative approach to implementation that focuses on people and processes in line with best practices. The combination of our market-leading solution, skilled personnel and our approach to the implementation will guarantee the delivery of a successful solution for your business.

Business Systems Support Group (BSSG)

To help you to maximise the embedding of the RedSky solution post Go-live, we strongly recommend  adoption of a BSSG. The BSSG will be made up of a selected number of ‘Super Users’ from across your organisation’s various business units. When delivering the project, Redsky will focus on transferring knowledge to this group of users so that knowledge is retained across the various business functions. The BSSG will also be the main point of contact for product updates/ enhancements/ updates on roadmap items and input to the product development forum.

Project Plan

Our Project Manager will work with you to produce a Project Plan and Definition Document (PDD) identifying the steps necessary to ensure a full and successful implementation of the system within your predefined timescale. The PDD will identify prerequisites, risks, assumptions and resources to be provided by both parties. The Project Manager’s key role is to ensure effective communication between all interested parties to bring the project in on time, to budget and to specification.

STEP 1: Design

We need to jointly understand how you want to work and the business processes that need to be supported. As such, we will seek to understand your Process Flows and Process Descriptions. This process starts in the Pre-Sales Phases and is continuously  built upon as our partnership develops. The outputs from this phase includes a Solution definition document.

STEP 2: Configure

In this phase, our business consultants will assist you to create a template software configuration. This process allows  you to incorporate your business requirements directly into the proposed solution. This phase eliminates the need for costly misunderstandings and redesign work. We will also develop and document the test scenarios required to ensure the solution meets all your requirements.

STEP 3: Software deployment and Training

The Implementation phase involves creating the application databases and training all trainers/power users.

STEP 4: Go Live

The final phase involves securing the go live of the implemented solution by using control checklists, making final data conversions and providing support after go-live. This phase is concluded with an evaluation and closing of the project. The outputs from this phase include:

  • Approved implemented solution
  • Project end report
  • Review plan for the implementation of remaining system modules or phase 2 activities
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What to expect from RedSky when supporting your implemented solution

Application Software Support

The RedSky Helpdesk is a multi-skilled, multi-location service offering:

First-line Support Services

Second line Support Services

  • Call diagnosis and resolution by Application Support Analysts

Third line Support Services

  • Technical Call resolution
  • Remedial Software Fault fixes and data corruption

Services are provided from a number of Helpdesk teams providing specialist product responses. In order to connect you with the appropriate expertise as quickly as possible, a Primary Helpdesk will be defined as your first point of contact. Your specific Helpdesk is determined by the mix of RedSky products you use.

Enhanced Support Options

All new customers receive enhanced support for a period of 12 months from go-live. By the end of the 12-month period, we aim to give the customer a better understanding of the system and how to use support effectively. To comprehensively educate you and your team, we offer  a hand-holding experience. We use the Team Viewer tool to review issues in detail and give the end user a better understanding of the solution provided. We also monitor the calls that are logged so we can advise if training is needed in certain areas of the solution.

This unique approach is focused on supporting new users of the RedSky ERP solution to transition seamlessly and effectively to mainstream support. Users will understand how to log a call properly with all the relevant information. Users will be empowered to resolve small issues themselves without calling on support, which will lead to faster response times and fewer issues raised.

The first year of enhanced support includes focused support on key areas i.e.

  •  System usage
  • Admin/security
  • Version upgrades
  • Database changes/amendments
  • Configuration change

What to expect from Hosting or Software as a Service

Few companies have the necessary time and resources to manage all of their IT systems effectively. As hardware ages, failures can occur, causing downtime that could impact on your ability to meet ever-tighter timescales.

RedSky has the answer; we provide you with a solution that you use over the internet, eliminating the need for any management of servers, software, updates, or backups. We offer two types of hosting service.

  • Hosted Solutions
  • Software as a Service

Hosted Solutions for Construction Projects

You can purchase any of RedSky ERP range of products with the hosted option. This means that instead of purchasing your own hardware, installing the software on it and then needing to maintain it, the software is installed on hardware in multiple secure data centres to provide disaster recovery. The backup process and software upgrade process is handled by RedSky. You connect to the system over the internet in a secure manner.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

RedSky ERP is also available as software as a service. With the SaaS option, you won’t purchase the software solution. Instead, you simply pay a monthly service fee per user seat you require. The solution is hosted in the same way as the hosting option above and all the management of the servers and backups is included in the service.

Benefits of Hosting

With RedSky hosting, you remove the overhead costs of buying, installing, and maintaining your own server and enjoy these benefits:
  • RedSky will manage the overnight backups of your system, automatically ensuring the backups are verified each morning.
  • RedSky will apply ALL server upgrades and patches.
  • You can access your system from virtually anywhere if you have a broadband connection (subject to security configuration). This means that your company would be able to access this system from a home PC, should that be necessary (e.g. power cut, fire, flood etc. at your office).
  • RedSky has been providing this service for some years and has a proven track record in supporting customers via this method.


The Summit(RedSky ERP) system is secure, easy to use, and I have the confidence that the system is all ways accessible either in the office or at home, which gives me the option to work from either location when the need arises. Managing system updates, legislative changes, and daily backups is a chore we no longer have to worry about as RedSky IT maintain the solution at their hosting centre, this is a great benefit. I also find the support I receive from the RedSky support team to be excellent and would recommend this system and service to anyone.
Jenny Smith
J.E.T. Construction, Milton Keynes

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