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  • Compliance, Risk Management & Optimisation
    of Construction Supply Chains
  • One Central Repository of Your Supply Chain
  • Pre-qualification, Vendor Register, Performance & Bid Management
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Compliance, Risk Management & Optimisation of Construction Supply Chains

Pre-qualification | Vendor Register | Performance | Bids

  • Construction supply chains are vital to enable the delivery of
    construction projects
  • Knowing what organisations are good at, what experience they have and their track record on similar work is a predicator of future
    shared success

Trusted and Secure

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Submission & Approval

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Why choose RedSky's Supply Chain Management?

Ensure the right subcontractors with the appropriate capabilities, insurances and capacity are used
effectively to avoid failures. Maintain information about your subcontractors in a timely way and eliminate silos of data for each project. Get valuable visibility of important company indicators highlighting over-reliance/bias on particular subcontractors.

Software Benefits

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Speed and Simplicity

Your team will never waste a minute reading outdated information or wondering who has access to sensitive project details.
With role based dashboards the right people can access the right information in real-time. Store the latest versions of all documents and drawings in one secure location. Project Connect’s simple user interface is available on any device, so your team can work from anywhere.

Digitise from plan to punch

All critical project-related processes will be automated.
Project Connect's Forms will capture all the information you need and secure timely approvals. Enforce compliance across the supply chain and all project stakeholders. Seamlessly connect site-based teams to the office. Plan. Build. Inspect.
risk management

Effective risk management

Powerful yet simple to set up Approvals combined with customised Forms do all of the heavy lifting.
Ensure projects meet protocol and best practise compliance. People can come and go from projects, but Project Connect keeps all of the information, so project delivery isn't affected and you can promote a "get it right the first time" culture.
cost control

Stay on budget

Slash printing and admin costs by having the right information available in real-time, at your fingertips.
You also reduce duplicated, error-prone manual effort that can result in costly rework that erodes thin margins. Information 'truth' also helps curb time and money spent on disputes and litigation.
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Smarter decisions

When you can see the early warning signs, you can take decisive action.
RedSky Project Connect delivers intuitive reports and project management that can be customised based on your role. Gain complete visibility of project progress and track the performance of subcontractors against deliverables.
digitising software

A single platfrom

Our software connects the site to the office and also the back-office.

Software Benefits



  • Vendor Register
  • Documents Store
  • Views & Search
  • Reports and Notifications
  • Review and Approve


  • Core Features
  • PQQ process
  • Performance scoring
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Views
  • Email Templates

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  • Bid Tracking
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Companies that trust us

RedSky’s solutions are used by over 1000 companies across the UK, IR and the Middle East.

With over 45+ years in business and 100+ years of combined industry experience, we support over 12,000 customers worldwide as part of JDM Technology Group and continuously improve our solutions by listening to their needs.

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