Construction Software: Benefits, Features, & Commonly Asked Questions

What is construction software?

Construction software is management software geared specifically to the needs of the construction industry to help better plan, control, and coordinate your projects from start to finish.

Managing a construction project, large or small, is no easy feat. From quotes and surveys to managing teams and projects, you need a way to do it all to improve efficiency and communication while reducing the chances of costly mistakes. That’s where construction software comes to the rescue.

RedSky’s software is a set of tools with capabilities that help you carry out tasks such as managing projects and resources, communicating changes easily, estimating, procurement and surveying, scheduling, and reporting. It streamlines tasks and connects workflows across teams and throughout the lifecycle of the project for improved efficiency. When you improve the efficiency of your construction projects, you can see end gains. 

Benefits of construction software

Managing construction jobs is a complicated task, but you can streamline and simplify the processes with the right management software. From real-time, clear communication to transparent project management between contractors, teams, and managers, construction software promises a smoother project execution and better bottom lines. 

When you have the right management software, you get the benefits of:

  • Time-saving efficiency project connect on mobile devices
  • Efficient communication 
  • Real-time access to documents and dashboards
  • Consistent estimating, procurement and surveying  
  • Easier workflow management and tracking

Features of RedSky’s construction software

In addition to management software benefits like efficiency in communication, easy access to documentation from anywhere, and easier workflow management, construction software also offers many valuable features that help your end gain such as:

The construction software for mobile

Your team isn’t always in the office. They’re often on the go — on job sites, in the field, even en route — but they still need access to models, drawings, and other important documents. With StreamBIM, your team has the flexibility to access what they need, from anywhere with an internet connection.

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App for mobile to streamline processes 

StreamBIM helps improve efficiency for your construction projects by giving your teams access to the specific information they require to do their job, from any location and easily share with other team members. 

Our easy-to-use mobile app can be used in all phases of your project from Design, Pre-Construction, Construction & Building, Commissioning, Owner Occupancy and Closeout and can be accessed on mobile, tablet, or desktop.


What makes RedSky’s mobile app so great? 

  • It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface and navigation, reducing the learning curve
  • You can connect from anywhere on web browsers or our device-agnostic mobile application (WIFI/3G/4G connection is the only requirement)
  • You have large file size processing and streaming capabilities 
  • It gives you the ability to stream large, federated 3D BIM models onto mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and smart boards
  • Quickly deployed and cost-effective pricing (fixed monthly fee / no per-user fee)


Who uses RedSky’s construction software?

RedSky’s construction software is not only beneficial to construction firms, our management modules can provide value to many types of businesses that rely on project management tools like managing resources, accounting, invoicing, etc. These businesses include:  

  • Small businesses
  • Commercial real estate
  • Architects 
  • Engineers
  • Manufacturing 
  • Interior & fit-out 
  • Contractors 

Frequently asked questions about RedSky’s construction software

Why do I need construction management software?

When you’re looking to mitigate construction risks and ensure accountability while handling the complexities of an entire project lifecycle, you need construction software. Construction software will also provide you with more end-to-end control and seamless workflows allowing contractors to achieve operational efficiencies while reducing costs and boosting profitability.

What are the features I’ll need?

Every construction firm is different and has different needs. We offer a core set of products but know that you may have additional needs. We’re here to help you select the features that best fit your firm’s needs. 

How much does it cost?

We know that cost is an important factor in your decision to purchase our construction software. While we’d love to offer a pricing chart, pricing varies based on several factors, such as the desired modules and the company’s needs. Contact us for pricing options as well as to learn more about our products. 

How do I know your company will be around to support my business? 

RedSky has been producing and supporting construction software for over 40 years. We’re here to support your business every step of the way, from your initial installation to data migration and custom programming. You can learn more about our company history here


Red Sky’s construction software gives businesses the project management tools needed to run every aspect of their company. Construction software revolutionises the construction industry and increases efficiency and profitability by taking over responsibilities previously handled by a project manager, design engineer, and project architect and allowing the software tools to do all of the work. Are you ready to take your construction firm to the next level? Get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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We receive great customer service from our Account Manager, Louise Dean. Louise always looking out for me and is very proactive. She knows that I’m not up to speed with the latest technology so she takes the time to explain things to me in a way that I can understand. Louise goes above and beyond for us. She’s just brilliant!

-Ruth Cummings

Nicholas Stephens Construction Ltd

From a QS perspective, the new system has been a game-changer because they now have full visibility of – and responsibility for – costs on a daily basis

– Gary Jones

Walters Group