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CVR – the catalyst for Sapphire’s business transformation

Automating the cost value reconciliation (CVR) process with RedSky’s construction project management software has enabled Sapphire to redeploy two full-time staff members and remove thousands of manual transactions a year.

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Former RedSky Consultant Mo Dawood is now Director of Information Technology at Sapphire Utility Solutions Limited. In his new role, he has extended the company’s use of RedSky to manage the CVR process using a structured method.

Mo said: “Sapphire’s monthly CVR calculations used to be largely manual and very time-consuming. The information on the system was not being updated in a timely way so the CVR figures submitted were often based on assumptions or sourced from Excel sheets, rather than from data within the RedSky system.

“Yet the system is always right. It’s backed up by purchase orders, invoices and timesheets, and there’s an audit trail – documentation to support the costs. As soon as you take data out of the system, it can’t be verified.”

By his own admission, since joining Sapphire in May, Mo has been like a bull in a china shop. He has transformed internal processes and procedures, both to ensure that the information on the system is kept up to date and to digitise many labour-intensive tasks, such as preparing the monthly CVR snapshot and report (which used to require two full-time staff) and the tedious task of entering up to 300 plant hire items on the system every week.

The new automated CVR approach launched in August 2020 was fully embedded by the start of September. Reporting in a timely manner is vital to the decision-making process and has made a big impact, right across the business.

Sapphire Utility Solutions Limited is based in Preston and serves a wide range of industries, including construction and highways. Its operations include gas, network intelligence, renovations and repairs of drains and sewers, high-pressure water jetting, CCTV, underground radar and high-power vacuum trucks. Visit for more information.

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