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Reverse Charge VAT – top tips

picture of Liz BridgesWe asked Liz Bridge, Secretary of the Construction Joint Taxation Committee, to explain how Reverse Charge VAT works and what companies need to do now to get ready for 1 March

Liz Bridge knows everything there is to know about Reverse Charge VAT. That’s hardly surprising, given that she played a leading role in reaching an agreement with the government on the introduction of the new rules.

In our latest ‘Insight’ document, Liz explains why the Reverse Charge VAT is being introduced, how it works (including a government-approved flowchart), why new software is needed and how to get yourself all set up and ready to go by 1 March.

For more information, and to download our handy Reverse Charge VAT booklet, read the article: Reverse Charge VAT – Top tips  RedSky software is fully compliant with the new rules and enables companies to deal with Reverse Charge VAT at the touch of a button.

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